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Air Jordan 9 Shoes

Air Jordan 9 Shoes has a smooth and simple vamp, the initial release, which the vast majority are white / black / red color. However, details of the design of these shoes is the place most out of color, heel at the "Earth" logo to make these shoes the idea of globalization has been fully reflected. In the forefoot portion of the outsole has German, Japanese, Swahili, Russian, French and Italian words or text to make, but also underscores the entire pair of shoes in the world flavor. Hatfield explains, "When we began the development of Air Jordan 9, the Michael Jordan Nike just to Asia to participate in promotional activities, so this shoe is more or less influenced by Asian culture. Many languages reflects the sole world of thinking, then Michael Jordan has not only an American hero, but the hero of fans around the world. trapeze signs heel for the first time and the Earth together, symbolizes the trapeze over the entire planet fly". Air Jordan 9 just in time for Michael Jordan 's retirement, it also became the first double Michael did in the game through Air Jordan shoes.

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