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Air Jordan 4 Shoes

The Air Jordan 4 Shoes of trapeze signs Jordan moved from a pair of shoes to the tongue, into the market in 1988.Air Jordan 4 Shoes, this shoe is its most striking uppers: sporty trapeze signs, words full flight handwriting sense of jumping. Configuration: the heel cushion, forefoot cushioning rubber.Air Jordan 4 Shoes appears for the first time defined the Air Jordan series will complement and Flight series, but also the first time the concept of guard basketball shoes. In the Force basketball shoe market dominated era, born Flight series is weak, Flight symbolizes flight using Flight series are some of the backboard over the work of those in flight, those players have excellent bounce is called Flight They are often able to bring the most exciting performances, it is the most popular figure on the basketball court, but what it represents Michael Jordan, then in 1989 the launch of Air Jordan 4, and the same year launched the Air Flight 89 became the first to use Flight logo two pairs of shoes, two pairs of shoes appear also indicates that the birth of Flight series. Although the Air Jordan 4 is by far the only pair of words appeared in Flight Air Jordan basketball shoes, but Flight series design but fully-fledged into the AirJordan series design, which also makes the Air Jordan series toward weight reduction and speed-oriented direction, which always fly upward spirit has been deeply integrated into the Air Jordan series of soul, we can say Air Jordan 4 was like a rebirth of the entire Air Jordan series, or that is a Nirvana.

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