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Air Jordan 3 Shoes

Air Jordan 3 Shoes launched in 1987. This is truly a first trapeze Air shoes, Nike's first use of a visible air cushion, located in the rear bottom of this shoe. This is the first time Air Jordan series uses a trapeze signs, then this flag was officially used to the Jordan brand of various commodities. Many fans know Jordan free throw line dunk, won the night is the title. This is the Jordan Brand LOGO later change one of the reasons.There's a reason Air Jordan LOGO transformation is independent from NIKE Jordan Brand, and so have their own unique LOGO, while not on Jordan's merchandise plus a NIKE's LOGO.

Have a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes is an ordinary basketball fans hope, can have 3 Jordan basketball shoes on behalf of Jordan fan's dream,welcome to our Cheap Jordan Store,let love Michael Jordan fans dream come true.