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Air Jordan 2 Shoes

April 20, 1986 Michael Jordan injured back ground round playoff game in Boston Purcell battle for romance, Michael Jordan hit a record high in the history of the playoffs 63 points. In 1986-1987 this season, Jordan wore Air Jordan 2 Shoes created the amazing scoring record - an average of 37.1 points per game, and this achievement by the NBA scoring title. At this time, Air Jordan 2 Shoes, in addition to always having the NIKE sneakers hook marker, while the use of French design, simple design concept for its features. In addition, for the first time the production of high system integration and low two kinds of basketball shoes with the money. Jordan II compact design is the main reason a lot of people fell in love with it, winged basketball moved from the upper tongue. The sneakers debut in 1986, by the Italian company NIKE factory production, 1995 reprint in Cheap Jordan Store.