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Air Jordan 13 Shoes

1997-1998 season for Michael Jordan to have a special significance, all the signs of information to the public, this season will be the God of basketball last NBA season, because the last one, so all Jordan fans are almost crazy collection and the God of the basketball related items, and it is in this time, Nike made Jordan as a separate trademark from Nike company, Jordan became an independent brand. In the above background, the introduction of the Air Jordan 13 shoes, Jordan is a profound significance. This basketball shoes in the market launch of sales have soared, so many counters appeared warehouse explosion phenomenon. According to reports, Jordan basketball shoes 13 generation of designers in the design of the basketball shoes, from the African cheetah's body to get the design and performance of the design performance. The inspiration into practice after, 13 we see Jordan basketball shoes sole shape and the appearance of hesitant the soles of the feet of the cheetah hypertrophy, with super wear resistance and skid resistance.

The release of this Air Jordan 13 Shoes was not only a kind of respect to the original version,but also the pursuit to the more advanced improvement. And they are on hot selling on our Cheap Jordan Store website.